For 14 years I suffered from insomnia. On and off, but mostly on. I read all the books and blog posts about how to sleep better and have good "sleep hygiene." I took medications. Yes, medications with an "s": more than one at a time. My relief finally came in 2012 when I saw that my insomnia was a creation of my mind; it was completely made up. Sleep comes naturally to us, built into us like the ability to breathe.

I am writing a book about sleep. UPDATE: family illness means I have put my book writing on hold for now.

In the meantime, you can listen to podcasts where I've been the guest, speaking about sleep.

Why Insomnia Is All Made Up. Lian at the Born Happy show interviewed me in 2015.

Insomnia - Part One. Nicola Bird had me on A Little Peace of Mind Podcast in March 2018 to kick off our 3-part series about sleep.

Insomnia - Part Two. We catch up with how Nicola has been doing since Part One, I coach her, and the penny drops.

Insomnia - Part Three: a Q & A. We covered things like Do we really need 8 hours of sleep each night? and Can we drink coffee late at night? What about bad dreams?

A New Look at Sleepless Nights. Dr. Amy Johnson interviewed me on her podcast, Changeable in April 2019.

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