What would you want to know?


I suppose you could say that life has lots of turning points. I mean, it's all in how we see it, right? Some big turning points for me: having a son, getting married to Christopher, and learning that my experience of life comes from inside of me. In 2012 when I first started to learn about the role of thought and innate health, my whole life changed. It is hard to describe how much freer and more contented I am with whatever life brings. Also, there's the sleep!

I see so many more options for how I can live my life; the things I am doing now are often things I can't imagine doing before 2012. I am a trainer and coach, and I help others see for themselves how life is happening.

It's like waking up, and all of a sudden you are at a new level (spoiler alert: there aren't really levels ;)