detoxiNG your home

In 2015 I learned that my once-favorite Seventh Generation laundry detergent scored a D on the Environmental Working Group's healthy cleaning database (grades go from A to F). WHAT?!?! I was shocked because once upon a time it was a grade B. This finding renewed my mission to find the best and safest products for my house and family. I figure as long as I was/am learning for myself, I might as well share some of what I am learning here, with you.

Briefly, what I have learned is that labeling is confusing, regulations are whack, and a lot of ingredients that I would consider toxic are allowed to be in products that we breathe and put on our skin. So bring on the baking soda and vinegar for so many cleaning jobs! And use high quality essential oils in many different ways. The first essential oil I fell in love with was the blend Purification made by Young Living. I fell in love with it because it was so soothing for my skin after a trip through chigger country. But I stayed in love with it for its super clean fresh scent that combats any odor.

You will find help for both the make-your-own-products option as well as the just-tell-me-what-to-buy option. I'll be adding blog posts with tips and recipes. Subscribe at the bottom of the page!


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