I have loved chocolate for as long as I can remember. I visited a chocolate factory and would talk about chocolate with anyone. So when someone I had never met before overheard me talking about my love of chocolate and offered to teach me to make my own, I said "YES" and got her number. A week later, I drove an hour to her farm to spend the afternoon learning her wing-it method of chocolate-making. I thought I had already had the best chocolate before this day. Not true. It was on that day that I met the best chocolate in the history of ever. (Thank you, Lori Weber!)

Then when my friend Susan McCulley was interested in trading her delicious kombucha for my chocolate, I had to come up with a recipe! And in the month of April 2013 my first formulation was born! In the spring of 2015, I discovered the magic of adding essential oils to chocolate - divine!


Maybe you are here because you have tasted this chocolate and want more! (You are not alone.)

If you have not tasted it yet, give it a go - it's fabulous.

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